Home Brewer's Gold: Prize-Winning Recipes from the 1996 World Beer Cup Competition Charlie Papazian

America's master home brewer
shows you how to make the best beers on the world.
In 1996, the brewers of the world met the ultimate challenge:the World Beer Cup International Competition. More than250 breweries entered their finest creations in sixty-one differentcategories before an international panel of beermaking experts.Only the most magnificent examples of the brewmaster's artqualified for the top award: the Gold Cup. And now, you can tasteall these prize-winning brews -- at home.

Here's all you need to know to make five gallons of each Gold Cupchampion brew. Based on brewery data, lab analysis, tasting notes,and Charlie Papazian's quarter-century of home brewing experiencehere are recipes encompassing:

British ales, bitters, porters, and stouts
Ale in the American, German, and Belgian styles
Premium, dark, ice, and dry lagers
Light beers
Malt liquors
Herb, spice, and fruit beers e Non-alcoholic malt beverages
And much more.
Chock-full of information about the winning breweries, brewing styles andinternational beermaking traditions, Home Brewer's Gold represents thestate of the art in home brewing.
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